Deliverable D1.2 – Barriers and gaps of SoA NG transmission and distribution measuring devices in H2NG flows

The document focuses on identifying with a comprehensive approach the known and potential technical barriers and limitations that affect the measuring devices currently operating in NG grids in the case of H2NG operation, since a complete overview focusing on the NG transmission and distribution sectors is missing or fragmentary.

Since thousands of possible combinations in measuring devices, operative conditions (i.e., pressure, temperature, and flow) and installation conditions exist, the investigation has taken inputs also from the Task 1.1 of the project. The Deliverable 1.2 investigates the relevant literature and bases on interviews and questionnaires with sector stakeholders to identify the SoA and any missing information related to the operative conditions identified in Task 1.1. After categorising the gaps, the task group has evaluated possible solutions for each area of concern, considering the main barriers preventing the implementation of these proposed solutions.

The results are reported in the Deliverable D1.2.

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